Wild, Wet & Windy Westhill

Janathon, and the community it creates, is a fantastic thing. One thing’s for certain, I wouldn’t have gone for a run today without it.

Day 2 of my Microsoft InfoPath & Sharepoint training was a bit heavier than the previous day. I was feeling more tested today and the tiredness was making my legs heavy. But I wasn’t going to let the might of Janathon down.

Despite selecting a 3km loop to take ut easy Westhill and his mate Weather conspired to make the the run even harder!

I turned the corner from the hotel and was hit by the brick wall of wind so, head down, I gritted my teeth and got going.

Obviously that wasn’t enough of a conspiracy to stop me so Weather upped his game and called on his mate, Sleet.

Now, Sleet is a funny bugger! He starts all softly, softly to lull you into a false sense of security and then turns it up by firing a torrent of drawing pins at you. Or at least, that’s what it felt like.

Making my first 90 degree turn I was hoping to get some respite from the torture but no. It wasn’t until I fit to the next 90 degree turn to head back to the hotel that I seemed to get some protection from the elements.

Still, it wasn’t far and I feel better having been out. And it means I can have another cooked breakfast tomorrow!


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