Not Quite To Plan

I’m travelling at a mighty 750 kilometres per hour as I draft this Janathon Day 3 blog. I know what you’re thinking: “I know Dan has been getting quicker but he’s not Superman.”

And you’d be right. I am of course sat 32,000 feet above the Earth travelling northwards on a British Airways flight to Aberdeen. Make that Edinburgh, courtesy of the British weather.

On arrival to Heathrow’s T5 (rather than my usual Birmingham) I found that my flight to Aberdeen had been cancelled, along with 40 other flights. I also found that it was as if BA had never had such a disruption before. There were lots of blank faces, head scratching and arm waving and this was just trying to direct people to the “right” customer service area – not really sure why we couldn’t just go to any of them, they are all BA of course.

Anyway, over 45 minutes later I was nearing the front of the queue. In that time there was not one single announcement to explain what was going on. Not one announcement to apologise for the inconvenience. And staff were avoiding eye contact wherever possible for fear of being asked a question they didn’t know the answer to. I even struggled to get a response from the BA Twitter feed, although I did get a tweet just as I stepped to the front of the queue (were they watching?).

I fully appreciate that BA cannot control the weather but they are in full control of their own communication. So why the radio silence?

Also, it begs the question, with technology as it is, as to why I received no text, no e-mail advising me of the cancellation. My travel company had received no notification of the cancellation from BA either.

Anyhow, when I got to the desk the lady was as helpful as she could be when there was only one remaining flight out of the capital to Aberdeen tonight, that was already full! She put me on the waiting list as I explained I had an important training course to be on in the morning.

“There is one more option, sir”, she looked up from the screen, “I can get you on the Edinburgh flight at 18:30 if you can get a car and drive the rest of the way?”

It’s not ideal (it’s at least 2.5 hours from Edinburgh airport to Westhill, Aberdeenshire) but it’d have to do.

Once through security I needed to grab some food as I’d be too late to get some at the hotel, then I needed to figure out what I was going to do for Janathon day 3!

With my kit checked in I wasn’t able to do a “Ron Hill” and run through the terminal so I did the next best thing: briskly walked through the terminal. It turns out that a lap and a half of T5 was exactly 1 mile. Even better was that my gate opened just as I reached it!

Not exactly the Janathon session I’d hoped for. I’ll just have to make up for it over the next 4 weeks.

We’re now on our descent into Edinburgh so I’ve got to switch off. I’ll have completed the 130 mile final leg of my journey by the time I post this. A different kind of marathon journey!



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