Donation Day

I’m starting to write my second blog of Janathon waiting to make my first blood donation. I feel surprisingly relaxed although a little nervously excited.  As expected, my recent travel to New York and Spain wasn’t a problem and luckily, my snot’s not green (I’ve got a bit of a cold which I had to declare) so I got the green light to get on the bed…

…and now I’m done!

As I had been told, the thought of giving blood was far worse than the actual experience of giving it.  Everyone was friendly and as a first-timer, they were especially grateful.  Even fellow donors that overheard that I was there to lose my blood-giving cherry offered support and congratulated me for signing up.

I fully appreciate that not everyone is able to give blood for all manner of reasons, but that is all the more reason for those of us that are able.  Part of my drive to bite the bullet was as a result of The Wife being a Cancer survivor and therefore not being able to donate herself.  So now I donate for both of us.

If you’re unable to give blood yourself please consider encouraging friends or relatives to do so instead, you never know when you might need to receive some blood:  A family friend who was stabbed whilst on duty as a PCSO bled for 2 hours, losing litres of blood in the process – two-thirds of his own blood.  The kind donations of 30 people helped save his life – yes, he required 30 units.  His words of encouragement have helped to ensure I went today, and will continue to give blood in the future.

With my next appointment booked in already I urge any of you that can to Give Blood.

Check out the GiveBlood website or call the friendly staff at the Blood & Transplant service on 0300 123 23 23 to ask any questions you have, register and book your first appointment. Or maybe you’re already a donor but haven’t been for a while?  Go on, you know you want to get donating again.  To steal the tag line from a brand us runners are familiar with: Just Do It!

And talking about running, I completed my Janathon Day 2 run this morning knowing that I’d be donating this afternoon.  I did another steady 3km loop to take my Janathon total to 6km, but more importantly took my Maggie’s Centre running challenge to 840km.


9 thoughts on “Donation Day”

  1. I have given about 20 pints, but have lapsed lately, will definitely go back now, you have inspired me!

  2. Gave my first donation last summer and it was a surprisingly pain free and enjoyable experience. I actually tweeted during the procedure! Blood stocks are running low at this time of year, and as I have O Neg (universal donor) blood type, I will be going again shortly.

  3. It really isn’t that bad is it?! Luckily, the blood bus comes and sits outside my office every couple of months which makes it really easy. I’ve only been donating just over a year, but will continue to do so as long as I can now 🙂

  4. Well done Dan and I hope you enjoyed the biscuits after. I keep meaning to do it myself, I think I should make January the month.

    1. The biscuits where fab – custard creams for me. Do it! Phone 0300 123 23 23 to find out when and where your nearest and next session will be. You can register on the phone too. I really can’t say enough how friendly people were and how easy it was.

  5. A very thought provoking blog Dan, I’ve got a bit of a thing about having blood taken, but it puts it into perspective when you hear of the recipient’s need for it. And thanks for telling us about the colour of your snot!

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