Running out of patience

I write this, on my iPhone, as I sit in Aberdeen airport waiting for my flight home after a 1 day training course.

It wasn’t ideal in the first place to travel on a Friday night, let alone so close to Christmas but needs must.

However, having had a bite to eat I checked the boards to see when the gate for my 8 o’clock flight will be announced to find out I wouldn’t be leaving until 10 o’clock.

That means I’ll not be home until 1am at the earliest!

As I write this their has been a further announcement saying it’ll be half ten now. Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

Bloody FlyBe! This, on top of my diversion to Inverness on my last flight with them from Aberdeen.

And just to rub it in while I sit here, bored at the airport, my Aberdeen colleagues are out on a works do getting lashed.

Rant over.


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