Race to #amillionmetres

On Sunday I reached a massive achievement in my running – I clocked up my 800th kilometre since I started my running challenge on March 27th.  The 800 kilometres was my original target for me to cover in 12 months, yet I have managed to cover it in 260 days – thats 3 months and 16 days ahead of schedule!

Previous to this year I was an intermittent, fair weather runner.  I am now a regular runner and running is part of who I am.  I enjoy the fresh air, the exercise, the time to think and of course knowing that I am also raising funds and awareness for Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.

When I started I wasn’t sure whether I’d make it to 800km.  Would I get bored?  Injured?  Was it just too far?  I certainly didn’t think I’d do it so quickly.

Being part of an online community of runners has definitely helped.  Getting advice, support and encouragement from total strangers seemed bizarre at first but now these people aren’t strangers – even though I’ve only met a handful of the people I follow, or follow me, in person.

The virtual community hasn’t just been friendly and generous with advice and support – I’ve had £90 worth of donations from Twitter followers (as well as winning a further £100 donation just for being at the right place at the right time on Twitter), helping my fundraising break through the £800 mark too.

All of this “virtual” support and encouragement, accompanying my “real life” support network, got me through the 800km so swiftly I’m now turning my sights to a bigger goal.  As I set myself 12 months to cover the 800km, I’m going to continue for the remainder of the 12 months and see how far I can get.

The next target: £1000 and 1000km.

Or as I prefer to call it, a million metres!

Thank you to everyone who has helped, supported and donated to my challenge so far, I hope you all have enough energy to keep me going.  Look out for the #amillionmetres hashtag on Twitter.


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