Taking Advantage Of Unseasonal Weather

Since my last post I’ve managed to get 5 runs in – not bad for 9 days in November!  I’ve been helped by wanting to try out adidas miCoach in more detail, by the unseasonal weather but mostly by some running buddies!  I’ve also managed, through some cheeky self-promotional tweets,  to secure another running freebie – a pair of Ronhill SmartTip gloves (so you can use your touchscreen) that aren’t even released in the shops yet.  Unfortunately the weather has been too mild to give them a run out but watch this space for a review.

One of my mates has decided to take up running in order to get more active and also to take up my challenge of joining me for the Carterton 10k in March.  Whilst Bear (his real name is Peter but he goes by the nickname Bear) has done a lot of gymwork before, he’s stepped up to join in with this thing called running that we all love so much.

I’m impressed with his enthusiasm and drive to get running.  He’s also got a strong will which I am sure will come in handy in races although for the time being I’m a bit concerned that he’ll push himself too hard.  He’s been out for 4 of the 5 runs and covered 22 kilometres with an average pace of about 5m30 per kilometre which is pretty good going!  The biggest weakness is his will to continue – at the end of the runs he’s been complaining of tight calfs and today I was worried by the amount he was limping at the end of the 5.5km lap.  I’m hoping that we can balance his enthusiasm and stubbornness with trying not to do too much too soon.

We were joined on Saturday by two other friends;  Pat Hudson, who I’ve mentioned before is one of my running inspirations and has recently won a track marathon (yes, that’s 105.5 laps!) in 3h07m and secured a place for the London Marathon 2013, and Ian, another old school friend who has taken up running in the last few years but is battling to come back from injuries at the moment.

It was great to go out for a social 6km and having Pat on board meant he could very easily put the 3 of us through our paces without even breaking a sweat!

I was also able to squeeze in a 3km run to try out the adidas miCoach Assessment Workout which sets the intensity bands for your training workouts – it’s amazing how hard it is to stage your running effort from walking to sprint in scores out of 10!

Thanks to the recent runs I’m now at 741km on my journey to 800km, most of which has been covered on my own.  I must say that running with other people adds another dimension to the runs both in terms of participation but also in terms of putting a completely different mental spin on the run.  I’m near my 800km target three months before I thought I would so now my target is shifting.  I’ll continue to run for the 12 months I set myself (I want to see how far I can cover) but at the same time I want to encourage others to run.

And so here lies the twist to my 800km challenge.

I will be taking part, as always planned, in the 2012 Carterton 10k to mark the end of my challenge for Maggie’s Centres.  I will be looking towards this race to secure a decent improvement on by current 10k PB of 51m46.  But I will now also be looking to encourage as many people to take part in it as I can, to help me celebrate my year of running.

So, on 25th March 2012 I shall be lining up at the start line of a 2 lap, relatively flat 10k course that I have taken on twice before and want to know…

…who’ll be there with me?

(Entries don’t open until January but I’ll post more details as soon as I have them.)


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