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Just downloaded the WordPress app so giving it a try. This’ll be a shorter than normal post partly for that reason but also because I need to get to bed early: 4 o’clock alarm tomorrow to travel to Aberdeen for a few days work. Needless to say I’ll be taking my kit in the hope that I’ll be able to get out for at least 1 run.

Had a great catch up last night with my elite-running, BUPA Great Yorkshire Run 10th place finisher, mate Steve Naylor. Unfortunately he’s carrying an injury at the moment so he won’t be able to try for another BUPA top 10 at the Great South Run.

I headed out this afternoon for an easy run and chose another new route – I headed through town and out to the village of North Leigh, then back via New Yatt. It was a good 12km although it took the first three to loosen up my legs. I’m glad I persisted (I nearly opted for a shorter run) as I felt good and the autumnal sunshine made the countryside look amazing.

Today’s run has taken me to 667km covered since I started my 12 month Maggie’s running challenge back in March, and I have raised £700 so far. Let’s hope I can keep the legs and the donations going until the climax of my challenge at the Carterton 10k (the race that started my challenge) in March 2012.


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