Keeping it simple

In an effort to lift myself from yesterday’s flatness I needed to clear my head of all the running clutter that had built up over the last 6 months.  And what better way than heading to Cogges for their latest “Real Food Market”, especially as my brother and his wife were going to be in attendance with their new venture: Simple Bakery – superbly stylish and totally tasty cupcakes.

So with “simple” in mind and with half a “Cherry Bakewell” cupcake and half an “Inspired by Rolo” cupcake in my tummy I set off into the autumnal sunshine and unseasonal warmth it provided.

I had quickly settled on a new route – I would head out of Witney to the village of New Yatt, turning towards Poffley End and then back through Hailey before cutting back into the centre of Witney.  I estimated it to be between 10 and 11 kilometres.  I’d be lieing if I said I had no time in mind but I wanted to enjoy the run in the sun so if I could cover it in around an hour I’d be happy; especially as that’d give me enough chance to stretch and shower before the Newcastle game kicked off on Sky (although as I write this they’ve just conceded a penalty)!

Despite the mapping part of my Nike app failed after 1km, the GPS still managed to track me and I was encouraged by some controlled pace.  I covered the first 5km at a 5 and a half-minute a kilometre which then switched my mind to considering whether I could consciously achieve a “negative split”: finishing the second half quicker than the first – something I haven’t noticeable been able to achieve as I tend to go off quickly.

I felt comfortable and managed to increase the pace to finish the second 5km nearly 2 minutes quicker than the first, using the eleventh kilometre as a bit of a warm down and damage prevention as it felt like I had a blister forming on the arch of my right foot.  Luckily it appears that I have escaped a blister and I feel much better about my running.  Thanks should also go out to Lyn, aka Mum, who added a bit of additional inspiration by making a donation to my fundraising page.

After all, the simple thing is: I’m running to raise money for Maggie’s.  Remember that every donation will be doubled up by my company the Stewart Milne Group so make your money count more and help keep me going and help Maggie’s by donating.  Thanks.


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