Writer’s Block

It’s 3 weeks since I last blogged.  Whilst loads has happened I’ve sat for a few hours with the laptop waiting for the events of the 3 weeks to jump into the post in an interesting and coherent story.  So in an effort to ensure 3 weeks doesn’t become 4 I’ve just started writing.

The running momentum has somewhat been stymied although I have been able to add 2 metaphorical pins to my running map: the hilly Orcera and the flat seafront of Alicante, both in Spain.  The weather was so good that it limited the running possibilities to early in the morning and evening – two times of day that on holiday I’d rather be sleeping and eating and drinking respectively!  And with a busy working week split between Aberdeenshire and Oxfordshire following the holiday has meant my 25km per week has slipped somewhat.

Clutching for encouragement, I did manage a quick 5km yesterday (only 4 seconds off my PB) after work and before heading out to play poker.  Which, by the way, I managed to win.  That 5k has taken my running challenge total to 638km.  With donations at £635, it’s the first time since mid-May that my distance covered has been greater than donations pledged!

I’m still struggling to get my head in gear for the Winter season of running ahead of me.  Having only dabbled with running before this year I have never even had to consider what to wear, when and where to run in order to fit in with the fading light and cooling temperatures.

In the back of my mind is also concern, potentially unfounded, that I’m not picking up my pace as quickly as I’d like.  I feel like I should be capable of running quicker for longer but I have struggled recently to keep the pace, although my 5km yesterday gave me a bit of a confidence boost.

Maybe it’s some mid-challenge fatigue creeping in?  My determination for the challenge and the fundraising is still high so I’m sure I will be able to power through this flatness.


7 thoughts on “Writer’s Block”

  1. you have been amazing to get this far! Winter is hard, I really battled last year while training for the marathon, but with the right clothing and motivation, it is quite do-able 🙂 I would definitely suggest joining Janathon, it kick starts the year and gets your running totals up! A hat and gloves are a must too, other than that, layers work best. In my marathon running training book, they said that you should be a little cold when you start running, as if you are nice and cozy, you will boil once you get going. Good luck!

  2. Stick with it. When the going gets tough its easy to quit – remember that lots of people can easily talk a good game but few people actually deliver the goods. Remember, with perseverance, water can cut through stone.

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