Afternoon Nap

My initial attempt to start my first blog post in two weeks was rudely interrupted by the need for an afternoon nap.  I guess it’s what Sunday afternoons are for, especially with the sleep-enducing sound that is the Formula 1.

It’s been a very varied two weeks.

The running has continued to go well with 51km covered since my last blog post meaning my virtual journey from the Maggie’s Centre in Oxford to the proposed Maggie’s Centres in Aberdeen is reaching the three-quarter stage – I’ve completed 595 out of 800km.  I’m consistently averaging 25 kilometres a week which puts me well ahead of my goal of covering the distance in 12 months however, as expected, Winter is on his way and will soon be having a say on my progress.  I’ve already had fog breath one morning this week and experienced another boring treadmill 5km thanks to the Sun having gone to bed early.  Until this year I have been an intermittent, fair weather runner so I’m not sure how harsh my new running partner, Winter, will be.

The good progress of my running has been tempered by a difficult couple of weeks at work.  As every news outlet keeps reminding us, the economy is struggling to recover and with no sign of the construction industry picking up pace unfortunately our business is going to have to resize as a result.  It’s going to be a tough few weeks as some colleagues go and those of us that remain have to adapt.  My thoughts are with my colleagues who will need to find new employment in a tough job market.

On a completely different note, my blog has seen a surge of hits following the publication of my last post that included thoughts on 9/11, New York and Cancer.  On the day I published it, the post became the most read entry of my blog since I started back in May.  It has continued to receive hits and has pulled well clear of the second most popular post, receiving 2.5 times the hits!

Many thanks to all who read it and a special thanks to everyone who tweeted & sent their feedback telling me how much they took from the post.  I am also very proud to say that I have been contacted by Laura, one of my tweeps (aka @lazygirlrunning) who works as an editor for Vita, A Breast Cancer Care publication.  They would like to feature an edited version of my post in the next magazine which is fantastic!

After 6 months, £630 and nearly 600 km into my fundraising challenge for Maggie’s Centres I am so pleased at what I’ve achieved so far.  I wonder what the next 6 months will bring?


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