Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (& Longer)

After another good week last week, I set out on Sunday for a long run to set up this week’s running on the correct foot.  Armed with my new iPhone arm strap, it was going to be my first run since the Thame 10k back in June that I would be listening to something.  As I wanted to go for distance rather than speed I opted to put the music to one side, instead favouring to catch up on some podcasts. According to the BBC whilst the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, they don’t seem get the coverage that social networks like Facebook and Twitter do.  I personally advocate the use of a podcast or two for a long Sunday run – it takes the mind off the running.  A podcast lets you plod away at your easy pace to cover the distance without thinking about it, especially when it’s a funny podcast.

A little while ago I stumbled across a podcast from Rhod Gilbert, one of my favourite comedians.  I hadn’t realised (and why would I?) that Rhod hosted a Saturday morning show on Radio Wales and that a podcast of the best bits was available from iTunes.  I downloaded the first installment fearing that it might be in Welsh – my fears were unfounded.

Each of Rhod’s podcasts is about half an hour-long so I can get through two on my Sunday jogging jaunt.  He is joined by his radio sidekick Chris Corcoran, or occasionally a special guest from the world of comedy.  The inane banter and musings leave me wondering while my feet do the wandering!

This week I was catching up with the July podcasts and the ever-pointless ramblings reached the topic of sauces.  Provoked by a listeners e-mail asking if Worcestershire (or is ir just Worcester?) Sauce was the only sauce named after a place, the debate soon got distracted on what constituted a sauce, let alone a sauce taking its name from a settlement.

When Chris offered Chocolate and Raspberry as types of sauces Rhod rebuffed him: they are not sauces, they are merely an ice cream sellers contrivance.  Genius!

There is no way that I will have been able to portray both the seriousness and the hilarity of this topic (and if I was on his show it would be at this point where Rhod would ask me why I even bothered if I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to) so all I can say is go and have a listen.

I chuckled my way round my circumnavigatory route of Witney on a hot and sunny Sunday morning, sharing smiles and hellos with fellow joggers and unsuspecting passers-by.  Thanks to Rhod I managed to run the furthest distance in 6 years without even realising.  Another 14km taking me very close to the half way point of my 800km challenge to raise money for Maggie’s Centres.

Tonight I dodged the thunderstorms in my prize trainers to take my running total (excuse the pun) to 395km so far!


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