Nearly Half Way

After missing last Sunday’s run due to being led astray, it has strangely led me to be extra motivated to keep to my recent average of 25km a week.  As well as Monday’s 9km run I have managed to cover 5, 6 and 7km to finish the week on 27 kilometres mainly thanks to

receiving a new pair of trainers in the post.

Following my stroke of luck with @inbritain donating £100 to my fundraising (see my last entry) I have won a pair of trainers worth £95 courtesy of a Running Free Magazine competition.  Who’d have though it.  I’m hoping there’s a third stroke of luck on the way – unfortunately it didn’t transpire to be the record £160 million EuroMillions jackpot!

My new shoes are the robustly named PT-1000’s from UK Gear – apparently the world’s first running shoe built to survive 1000 miles and developed in conjunction with the British Army’s Physical Training Corps.

I’m a bit nervous when I change trainers as a little while ago I suffered severe blisters on the sole of my foot after changing to a new pair of running shoes that were obviously, in hindsight, not right for me.  The pair of Brooks shoes I’ve had for the last couple of years have been the most comfortable trainers I’ve ever had so I’ve been putting off looking for a new pair.  Winning the competition has forced me to grasp the nettle.

So far, I know it’s early days and I don’t want to tempt fate, I have covered a comfortable 13km in my new PT-1000’s.  They are lighter than my Brooks and feel slightly more flexible so they do feel different but they are very comfortable.  The fact that they are built for on and off road running is perfect as, whilst I cover most of my kilometres on the road, a number of my training routes take it some gravel tracks and grass verges.

I’m going to take my old faithfuls out tomorrow for my long run (I can’t have them getting jealous of the new boys!) but will continue to increase the mileage on the PT-1000’s next week.  Mileage is of course another massive benefit of the PT-1000’s – with my 800km challenge meaning I’m racking up the distance faster than ever before so it’ll be great if my prize lasts for 1600km!  I’m happy to put them through their paces.

I am now rapidly approaching the halfway point of my Maggie’s fundraising challenge, with 376km completed.  Given my recent average of 25km a week it looks like this time next week I’ll be closer to the end than the beginning!

Outside of my running I’ve been spending a bit of time dealing with the veg patch and it’s produce.  Yesterday saw The Wife and I make some spicy courgette chutney (although it’s close to onion marmalade) and today we’ve harvested some carrots, cabbage & cauliflower whilst pulling up the spinach and lettuce that have bolted.  Off out now to the in-laws for a BBQ featuring some of our produce!

Thanks for reading.


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