The final countdown

After another busy day at work I was a bit later getting home than I expected but that didn’t stop me getting out to hit the roads for the 29th day of Juneathon.

I had pencilled in a 5k but with a longer than anticipated I was wavering on just getting out for a quick 3k.  As I got my iPhone and Nike+ ready for the run I had to make a decision.  Do I go for the 3k or 5k?

It was another easy decision – it’s the penultimate day of Juneathon, of course I’ll do 5k!

I set off on the 5k loop that takes in Ducklington Lake.  My intention was to attempt to consciously focus on slowing and lengthening my breathing after reading a quick online article about improving performance though improving breathing.  It was tough going for the first kilometre although I could really feel my lungs being exercised.  I eased the breathing exercises to concentrate on feeling a bit more comfortable but it’s definitely something I’ll do some sessions on.

After a month of varying numbers of smiles and hellos I experienced the first bit of negativity, albeit not particular aimed at me or my running, just before getting to the lake.  On the stretch up to the gate I saw 4 Yoofs riding their BMXs with mischief in their eyes.  They were going hell for leather.  I gripped my iPhone tighter.  The second of the four kids decided to swerve towards me as his passed.  I was severely tempted to stick my arm out at his neck level and go for a clothes-line but sense prevailed as I strode on.

A much more relaxing run round the lake followed, controversially going clockwise this time, instead of my normal anti-clockwise.  It was a nice change but didn’t really make a difference to my pace.  I ran the last part of the route through the quieter early evening town streets, finishing strongly down the slight hill of Corn Street.

It takes me to over 120km covered in June, which has helped rocket me to over a third of the way through my 800km challenge.  Not long now.  In the words of Swedish rock band Europe, it’s the final countdown.

PS. Check out yesterday’s post and take part in my mini-poll about what you think is the best post work out routine.  Whether you are a Juneathoner or not, please give it a go.


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