Bath or shower?

It’s taken until Day 28 of Juneathon for me to almost run out of things to talk about!

Today saw The Wife and I embark on one of our early morning gym visits to enable me to squeeze in Juneathon before work.  I’d forgotten the paper with my short treadmill workout (adjusted from the article in June’s Mens Running mag – still not in their online archive I’m afraid) but just about managed to cobble something together.  Near enough is good enough!  Another 3km to add to my Juneathon and 800km challenge totals in any case.

Something that has crossed my mind a number of times during Juneathon, and that I keep forgetting to mention, relates to post-workout routines.

I seem to recall I was once told of the “best” way to get refreshed after exercise.  Now I can’t remember whether that was to shower immediately and follow up with a bath later or just to bathe.  Or was it hot shower then cold bath.  Or vice versa.  Oh, I don’t know.  There was some magic formula for giving your legs the best chance of recovery whilst at the same time getting clean.

Aha, but it’s Juneathon so I have nearly 200 avid runners to ask their opinions.

So come on people, let me know what you think is the best way to wash and aid recovery:


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