Back on that horse

I should start by thanking all of you who have read my blog in the past couple of days.  Both days firmly sit in the Top 5 in terms of number of posts read, and today is already the second most popular day to date before I posted this entry!  I know “blogs” have a bit of a stereotype but I hope you still find my musings interesting?  If you do please pass it on: repost the link on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter and e-mail the link to people who aren’t on either.

Before I talk about the final Juneathon push, I need to sort out some unfinished business.

I had posted my blog yesterday without the official results from the Thame 10k.  I can confirm my official time was 53:59 – a full minute inside “target 3”!  Now that I have had time to reflect (and be reminded of just what I have achieved so far) I’m feeling better about it – though I still can’t say the disappointment has completely gone.  Although it does make me more determined to keep up the good work.

Today was always going to be a short run – a shake down from the race really – especially as it was likely to be thunderstorming by the time I finished my first day of work in 10 days!

They couldn’t get it wrong yesterday but it turns out that the weather forecasters did get it wrong today!  Even now as I write the blue sky is only slightly interrupted with wispy clouds.  It meant I didn’t get wet but it was still warm as i set off on my 3km loop at gone 6pm.

I set off with little to no interest in pace.  Today wasn’t about time, it was just getting round.  The first, small step to building back to a potential PB.  I set off on my usual 3km loop and decided at the halfway point to switch the return leg to the busier streets of the town rather than the quieter residential roads.  With my new challenge-promoting t-shirt on, it was an opportunity to get some local people to see it.

Marginally influenced by a desire to punish myself after yesterday’s “limited success” (I know I’d get told off for using the word “failure”) with an equal dash of determination I pushed relatively hard and clocked a sub-15 minute 3km.  Encouraging.

As a treat, here are a couple of photo’s taken by my Dad from yesterday.  One is taken within the first 3km of the race.  The other is taken in the last 3km of the race.  I wonder if you can tell which is which?


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