Santa’s summer job

It’s day 25 of my first Juneathon.

Do you see what I’ve done there?

I said “first”.  The implication of that is I’m considering a second!  I’d be lieing if I said that Juneathon was easy.  Not only is it a physical challenge but a logistical one too – what with finding a time slot to exercise, then another to blog, not to mention moving meal times and all the extra laundry (thanks to The Wife for her support on those latter too especially!).

But there is something about Juneathon that just can’t be described adequately.

Persistence, camaraderie, competition, determination, motivation, elation, committment, reward and achievement are just a few of the words that jump into my head but still falls short of the actual feeling you get.

Personally, Juneathon stumbled into my life at just the right time having embarked on an 800km running challenge to fundraise for Maggie’s Centres.  It has not only help me clock up the kilometres but has helped to prove to myself that I can do it.  Whether “it” is sprinting to the finish, or improving my pace, or running further than before or just running day after day, my mental strength has grown alongside my physical strength and speed.

The reason I say this today, and not save it to the end of Juneathon is that tomorrow sees the next milestone (excuse the pun) in my personal challenge.  Tomorrow morning I shall be running the Thame 10k, my first race in 3 months, and the first where I have a realistic chance of not only recording an official PB but also a great chance of clocking a sub-50 time.

I have to thank Juneathon, and it’s band of Juneathoners, as well as my family and friends for helping me get myself into this position.  Now if, for whatever reason, I don’t achieve a sub-50 tomorrow there will of course be a pang of disappointment but that will fade quickly into the background as I reflect on what I have been able to achieve thanks to Juneathon.

The Juneathon feeling got me out of bed this morning, admittedly not as early as some, as I set out on a 3km run, again, not as far as some.  The plan was for just a comfortable run this morning.  I didn’t want to push myself  too much today given the race tomorrow.  It was comfortable, and consistent, which is why I was surprised to see my times.  Apparently my comfortable pace is now sub-5 minute kms: 4m55, 4m52, 4m57!

It’s a short loop with not much to see however there was one thing that caught my eye and made me smile.  As I was part way through my first kilometre, turning to run alongside Ducklington Lane I saw a little yellow ride-on dumper truck coming towards me.  As it came close I noticed it’s pilot: a jolly man with rosy cheeks, a full head of white hair and a bushy white beard.

Good to see Father Christmas is keeping himself busy in his quiet period!



6 thoughts on “Santa’s summer job”

    1. Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. It’s the elves that make the toys, Santa is just the delivery driver. Have you not seen the awesome documentary “Santa Claus: The Movie”. It’s a wonderful insight into the inner workings of Santa’s Workshop!

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