Closest thing to a rest

As I enter the last week of Juneathon I am surprised I am still managing to fit the exercise and blogging into my days.  At the beginning I honestly thought I’d do a week or so and then maybe end up doing some exercise 4 or 5 times a week.  Well, here I am on Day 24 and I’ve ticked all the boxes!

Most of the day has been spent in the car, returning from the lovely Cornwall with a detour to Bath to visit our friends Mikaela & Dave who now have a sister, Anya, for their son Sebastian.  Mother, baby, father and brother all doing very well!

On returning home, after a quick check of the post, The Wife and I struck while the iron was hot.  We headed up to the gym, hoping that at 7pm on a Friday night it would be quiet.  Aside from the changing room it was, with only 1 person in the pool.

I managed another personal best today – 30 lengths, which is 510m.  I know this isn’t that impressive but as I’ve mentioned before I am no Duncan Goodhew (despite my hairline trying it’s best to emulate the great Goodhew’s)!  In the half hour I clocked up 25 lengths of breaststroke, 3 of front crawl and 2 of backstroke (although mostly without arms – for some reason I can go much quicker without!).

After running for 6 days in a row, and with my mind on the race on Sunday, it was nice to swim – I never thought I’d say either of those things!  And during Juneathon, swimming’s the closest thing I can get to a rest.



3 thoughts on “Closest thing to a rest”

  1. It is amazing what you can do. Always thought proper rest days were soo important but find am enjoying going running every day (in a strange, masochistic way)
    Less that one week to go too!!! I will kind of miss it when its over.

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