Final third begins

A good night’s sleep was only disturbed by the strangest of cat fights – two cats decided, instead of doing the normal thing of going hell for leather, screeching at each other, they stood posturing at each other, wailing like small children for literally minutes!  Most bizarre.

What a nice surprise it was to wake up to blue sky and sunshine this morning (Thanks to The Wife, I have been able to retrieve my pictures – the left picture is yesterday, the right is this morning!)


I decided to run in and amongst the town today, to give my new t-shirt the maximum exposure!  What it did mean was a lot of cobbles, hills and tourists which in turn meant a 5km of slower than recent pace.

The front
And the back

A lot of Juneathoners have struggled with the everyday pedestrians on our runs however I can ensure you that the everyday pedestrian is infinitely more courteous and aware than the tourist pedestrian.  It would have been a frustrating run had I not already prepared myself for a casual jog this morning.  I think the hilly, cobbled nature of St Ives still put me through a reasonable work out though.

Following refreshment, we decided to take advantage of the good weather and set out on an adventure for Padstow, or Pad-Stein as it has been nicknamed, following celebrity chef Rick Stein’s growing empire of food outlets in the old fishing town.  Unfortunately it appears that the whole of the visiting population of Cornwall had decided the same!

So we drove through and then back out again.  It looks like a pretty town but one for an off-season visit I think.  We instead found our way to a lovely beach at Harlyn Bay which, it transpires, is somewhere that The Wife remembers visiting as a child.  It was glorious and uncommercial.  Just a man in a shed at a car park and a surf school.

Harlyn Bay
Harlyn Bay mussels

On our way back towards St Ives we went via Newquay.  In short, if you like those oversea resorts of Brits Abroad but the weather is just too good, then Newquay is for you!  Certainly not our cup of tea.

I think tomorrow is going to be a shorter run, maybe some hill shuttles.


4 thoughts on “Final third begins”

  1. Hooray for photos! The bay & the mussels on the rocks are quite pretty. I love virtual-touring all the wonderful places around which we Juneathoners get to walk, run or cycle 🙂

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