Birthday Treat

Driving down to the bottom of Cornwall was a treat thanks to the new car, such an easy cruise on a Sunday afternoon & evening.  Hardly any traffic and only a couple of rain showers too.

I sit in the first-floor sitting room, above my Aunt’s studio, looking out over Porthminster beach and St Ives harbour.  Despite the rain, more on that later, it is still a fascinating and relaxing view.  The train has just left the station, winding its way along the coast – twice as long at this time of the year than when we were last down, in February, to cope with the additional tourists.

I had never been to St Ives before my family moved down but it is now one of my favourite places in the World.  It has a magical feel to it, especially when the throngs of tourists aren’t here.  The pace of life is so much slower and chilled than Oxford & London.  There are great restaurants, galleries and places to go and explore.  Most of all though, is the enchanting, ever-changing sea.  The variety of colours that ebb and flow along with the tide is amazing.  So vivid, even in rainy June!

Having watched the BBC forecast last night I had anticipated waking up on my birthday to a day of wet weather and so has steeled myself to go running in the rain.  Fortunately for me it appeared that the weather had decided to hold off to allow me to enjoy my run without getting wet.  Or so I thought!

After opening my presents I got myself out of bed and got ready to seize the moment and tackle my second hilly run of Juneathon.  I decided that I’d do a there-and-back route out of St Ives on the main road to Carbis Bay which would give me a decent enough 5k run out.  It was going to be tough from the start as it’s a long steady climb out of St Ives, before a bit of undulation along to Carbis Bay.

Today I ran with another little “pressie”.  Emily, in the purchasing department at work, had managed to get a local printing company to produce 3 t-shirts for my fundraising challenge FOR FREE and today was time to give them a try.  So thanks go to Emily and to Work & Corporatewear Solutions in Aberdeen for sorting them out (I’d hoped to add photo’s to my blog for the first time to show you the t-shirts but in eagerness to get them off my iPhone I forgot to switch off my anti-virus protection, which has become necessary to synch the two together, and my laptop has thrown a wobbly and now doesn’t recognise my iPhone).

I’m not sure if it was the t-shirt or just that people in Cornwall are friendlier but I clocked up a massive number of smiles on my run.  Maybe some of them were offered in pity as I struggled my way up the hills.  Perhaps some were thankful that they weren’t trudging the hills themselves.  The smiles helped distract me from my tired legs and I was soon turning at the half way point and heading for the downhill.

I don’t like downhills.  I struggle to get the right balance between letting gravity do the work and losing control.  Also, I feel it in my shins which just makes me think back a few years to when I picked up shin splints after a big downhill run.  I know, of course, that it wasn’t just that run than had brought them on but the association is still there.

Relaxing as much as possible, I wound my way back towards St Ives only for the rain to start at the 4km mark!  To pinch a phrase from Peter Kay – it was that fine rain that soaks you through.  It wasn’t long before I was inside and at least the rain had been cool and refreshing.

Another 5k added to my 800km challenge means I have now covered 232km in a week shy of 3 months.  With a week remaining of my third month I’m already 19km over the second month’s total of 80km.

I’ve had a lovely, lazy rest of the day, with a mooch around the town to see what’s new and the first day of Wimbledon on the TV while I write this.  After the lovely treat of a hilly, wet run this morning, I’m already salivating at the prospect of a much nicer treat when we go to the Firehouse for dinner!


8 thoughts on “Birthday Treat”

  1. Penblwydd Hapus Iawn ( Happy Birthday), as they say in Welsh, and as I live there I should use the language, also Cornish is very akin to Welsh.
    Hilly runs always get my thumbs up for hard work, have a lovely evening.

  2. good blog today Dan, has made me very jealous that you are in beautiful Cornwall. If you dont like down hill, when you do Thame 10k it has a long down hill to start, but thats it and then a nasty couple of short hils,nothing compared with cornish hills. Enjoy your birthday evening xx PS Say Hi to Tamsyn

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