Leg Loosener

Last night saw a soiree at the recently revised Sutton residence for a game of poker in the “Orangerie”, as Mark liked to call it!  Most of you would know it as a conservatory.  It’s a good job my running form is not following my poker form.  I can’t remember the last time I won with my mates, or my work colleagues for that matter.  Oh well, it was a cracking night and I apologise to Ian and Sarah whom I left to it at 1am while they battled it heads up for the win!

After a lay in, the rest of the morning was filled with some pre-holiday chores and Father’s Day duties (although my Dad was out playing Golf and The Wife’s Dad was out for a walk).

Today’s Juneathon effort was going to be a short run, given that I did my long run yesterday.  So I opted to my quick 3km loop, but at a relaxed pace.  It turns out that, thanks to Juneathon, my new relaxed pace still brought me home in under 15 minutes!

It’s now time to get packed for a few days staying with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins in Cornwall (and my Gran who also lives down there).  Looking forward to it for so many reasons.  A break is always good, it’s my birthday tomorrow, I’ll get to do some decent hill work in and around St Ives and I’ll get some artistic inspiration & tuition for the latest project I’ve signed up to: The Sketchbook Project 2012 – a massive international art project founded by Art House Co-op & Brooklyn Art Library.  The advantages of having a real artist in the family!

Before heading upstairs to help The Wife finish packing there’s just enough time to think…

…this time next week I shall hopefully be celebrating a cracking race result from the Thame 10k – my first race since I started my 800km challenge for Maggie’s Centres!

Oh, and a quick PS, to all of you mentioning that you are reading, and enjoying, my blog entries.  Please do feel welcome to participate in my blog by commenting on my posts and forwarding the links to others who may be interested by it.

Thank you for reading.


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