Hard work, this Juneathon lark

I’d like to start this blog entry by saying thank you to runorgocrazy for her comment that reminded me that I hadn’t given people the appropriate facts in my earlier blog entry about yesterday’s Juneathon efforts!

So for completeness, it was 24m34.

After finishing the aforementioned musings, The Wife and I headed up to the gym (I can’t believe it’s two weeks ago since my last flexible Friday off) for the second swim of Juneathon.

The first swim was an enforced veer away from running and had proved a successful break from the normal rigours of running so I had pencilled in today for a second attempt out of my comfort zone.  My competitive streak, and drive for continuous improvement, meant that I was aiming to beat last time’s swim of 22 lengths.  The pool was much quieter today and I thought it must have been something I said as, one by one, my fellow swimmers left the pool.  The Wife was till going strong and it wasn’t long until there were another couple of swimmers patrolling the waves.

I was still on a high from yesterday’s performance and managed to clock up 26 lengths – 24 of my normal breaststroke, with 2 lengths of front crawl for good measure.  It is here that I tip a wink to my boss, who’s banterful encouragement included a suggestion that front crawl should be my stroke of choice!

As it was still quiet I decided to try a spot of aqua-running, something that I’ve seen on TV and read about a couple of times in the near past.  I can certainly see the benefits but I was struggling to maintain the traction between my soggy soles and the tiles on the base of the pool so stopped after 2 lengths.  May have to look into it in more detail to find out how I should be doing it properly.

It was time to call it a day.  442 metres of swimming and a token 34m of aqua-running.  A job well done.

With the rest of the day ahead of us we headed to the garden centre to get a few more bits for the garden.  And it was another excuse to take the new car for a spin (still smiling)!  A quick pit stop for a cup of tea (water for me) with the The Wife’s folks on the way home and to collect some more garden bits and a bread (we get home-made loaves on demand from the very kind in-laws).  The intention was to get all the garden things done but as the heaven’s had opened, and with a whole weekend ahead of us, we decided instead…

…to zonk out on the sofa.

It’s hard work, this Juneathon lark!


6 thoughts on “Hard work, this Juneathon lark”

  1. I did some aqua jogging last year when I wrecked my achilles. Basically I went down the deep end and simply trod water in a ‘running on the spot’ style for 40mins. I wore my HR monitor and kept my HR up at 150 +, got some funny looks, but it was a reaaly good workout. One prob lots of pools are not deep enough. Second prob some people need a float belt to keep them above the water level.

    Happy Juneathon, not treading water this year, but am swimming due to wrecked back this time round 😦

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