Half Way Distraction

Yawn, it’s late and I’m tired (for some reason woke up this morning at 05:15 and didn’t get back to sleep properly) so I’ll be brief.

I can’t believe I’ve made it to halfway of Juneathon – as I only decided at the last minute to join in I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to cut it but with there is a strange feeling of not wanting to let other Juneathoners down,

I’d planned to finish work at a reasonable time and go for a 5km straight after work but this plan got somewhat derailed when my new company car arrived a day early!  A “Mercury” silver Renault Laguna Coupe.  It was supposed to be a VW Golf but the Germans are being less than their usual efficient selves: the car that I had ordered in November last year, might be ready for delivery in September this year – it’s a Golf not a Bugatti Veyron – so we cancelled the order and I decided to try out a more flamboyant French number.

So I still left work as planned but instead picked up The Wife and went to show the car off to a mate who I know would appreciate it.  Also then volunteered to pick up his other half from her work and went for a little jaunt, doubling the 16 miles it had on the clock at the point of delivery.  It’s all very exciting and has that new car smell.  Lots of gadgets to learn too, including figuring out why the damn thing beeps for 30 seconds when I lock it (the manual says it’s because the bonnet, boot or doors aren’t shut properly but checked and they are).  Hopefully this is not the start of the stereotypical issues associated with French cars – although I guess I shouldn’t worry, it is a company car after all.  And it looks amazing!

Junea-what?  Oh yeah.  We eventually got home and had some homemade chicken curry which was lovely and while The Wife went out with a friend, I went up the gym (thanks to the inclement weather) to do 5km on the treadmill.  More often than not I seem to be disappointed by my treadmill performances.  I did ok, considering it was late and I’d been up early – 5km in 26m30.  Not my greatest time but not too bad although I just can’t seem to get my 5km time below 25 minutes.

Time for bed said Zebedee!


3 thoughts on “Half Way Distraction”

  1. You should have followed Mr W’s example and gone for a run when you woke up early, that way your Juneathon would have been out the way before the day had even properly started! 😉

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