Treadmill Tuesday

I was slightly bemused this evening.  Having got up and gone to the gym before work, my Juneathon duties were sorted early doors.  It seemed strange to get home and be able to have my dinner (The Wife was just putting it in the oven as I walked in the house – she is good!) without frantically trying to squeeze in a run and shower.  I was almost lost for things to do!

The gym was nice and quiet this morning, although it is rarely busy.  I jumped on the bike for a quick warm up (1km in a couple of minutes) before tackling my 15 minute treadmill programme (from issue 7 of Men’s Running magazine) that I’m using to help with building my speed.  Yet again it surprised me how hard it makes me work.

After a short warm down I had the pleasure of doing my stretches out in the sun on the balcony, overlooking one of the lakes that gave Witney Lakes Golf Course & Resort its name.  It was a fairly quiet day on the wildlife front but a couple of coots were out with little chicks, diving under the surface and magically reappearing elsewhere, and the swallows were out in force.  It was fascinating to watch them circling above the lake before swooping right down to the surface to grab an insect or two and then shooting away to hide in the eaves of the gym.

It would have been easy to stay there all day enjoying the sunshine and the wildlife but it was time to get showered and off to work to spread the word about me passing the 25% mark on my 800km challenge for Maggie’s.

Thanks to all those of you who have donated, facebooked, retweeted about my challenge, it’s very much appreciated.


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