Thank You Labi Siffre

Good morning!  Hope you are well?  I feel fantastic.  Not quite sure why, I think it’s the Juneathon effect.  After a downer on Day 9 I am on the high of Day 11 – more than a third of the way through Juneathon now!

Last night The Wife and I had a lovely curry at Raj, our favourite of the many curry houses in Witney, and rolled our selves the short journey back home completely full of delicious delights!  Waking up to a sunny blue sky coming through the velux window only helps when you’ve got to get yourself running.

After a little distraction from The Wife, I grabbed my gear and set off without the help of my pal Nurofen (see the entries for Day 9 and yesterday) on the search for a 5km run.  I decided to try making up the route as I went with the help of my Nike+ running updates and my extensive knowledge of the roads of Witney.  It proved successful and I nearly managed to finish up the 5km bang on the driveway!

Before I set off I had the toe in my mind and was determined to show it who was boss.  My target was to cover the 5km in 27m30, a relatively comfortable pace for me, with a stretch target of 25m, which would be a season’s best.  Given the toe issues I wasn’t expecting much.

The first couple of km were tough but rewardingly quick and my initial target was looking well within grasp.  The middle of 5 kilometres was a little compromised by my choice of route and having to negotiate some town traffic but I felt good as I completed the fourth.  And then the best thing happened.

I have over 1700 songs on my iPhone that accompanies on my run, and on the shorter runs I let the Gods of Shuffle decide my listening fate.  And how!  As the lovely Nike+ woman completed her update at 4km (Does she have a name? Should I give her a name?) a new track was pulled out of the myriad of eclectic tunes I have hoarded over the years by the all-knowing.

Never before have I felt quite the surge of energy, happiness, determination and goose bumps.  All at once.  The timing was impeccable.  Some of you that are of a musical knowledge persuasion may have already guessed the track from my title: it was “(Something Inside) So Strong” by Labi Siffre.  If you don’t think you know it, look it up on You Tube, Google or Wiki – you will.  Used by many a charity telethon over the years the association with greater causes inspires you.  For some reason I hear the words more clearly than ever before which spurs me on even more.  I’m flying now.  “What about the bad toe?” I hear you ask.  What bad toe?

I reach the 5km feeling great.  Out of puff, but feeling great.  Awesome, I’ve definitely cracked the 27 and half minutes.  I check the exact time:

25 minutes 08 seconds

Wow!  As I double-take I am reliably informed by Paula Radcliffe that I’ve just recorded a best time for 5k.  Thank you Labi Siffre!

And thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “Thank You Labi Siffre”

  1. Well done Dan, all this Juneathon training is paying off!
    Despite all the moaning and whinging (which I’m led to believe is an integral part of Juneathon!), blogs are resplendent with people running further and faster than ever before. Great work all round.

  2. Funny I know the song but have never heard of Labi Siffre – what a musical philistine I am!!
    Glad the toe is behaving now 😉

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