The Toe Test

Those of you who are following my blog will know that my Juneathon efforts had a cause for concern yesterday.  I am pleased to report that I managed to get through the day with very little discomfort so after work, and Friday Big Shop, it was time to test the toe.

I pondered whether taping it up would assist but in the end tentatively slipped on my trainers without.  It felt ok.  Not too bad at all.  Perhaps the Nurofen Plus I had taken before Big Shop as a “just in case” was already working.

I set off with one target in mind – to successfully cover 3km without sustaining any further pain, damage or discomfort.  I am loving Juneathon and desperately want to complete the 30 days of exercise.  But not at all costs.

My bigger challenge is the 800 kilometres of running I am trying to cover this year to raise money for Maggie’s Centres – the distance between the proposed centres in Oxford and Aberdeen.  I also have a couple of personal goals along the way.  In two weeks I have the Thame 10k in which some friendly rivalry requires me to “hold my own” with members of The Wife’s family – I’m not going to beat the younger members who clocked sub-50 times last year but I’ve maybe got a chance with The Wife’s cousin Steve, just maybe ;-).  I then have the British 10k in London in July, my fourth time round the fabulous course, which is a real chance for a PB.

So as you can see I had a lot on mind as I set out.  I purposely chose to run in a compeltely different direction to my normal 3k lap I use for speedwork and set off at a moderate 6min/km pace.  Surprisingly the toe felt ok but I was very conscious that I was tense (and had obviously been tensely holding my whole leg all day).  Gradually I managed to relax and had a pleasant bimble around the centre of town.

After a super quick shower I logged and have now blogged so The Wife and I are off out for a curry to celebrate.  The toe test was a success so it’s full steam ahead with Juneathon!


3 thoughts on “The Toe Test”

  1. There’s one thing to say about Juneathon – the curry houses and pizza shops of the UK must be doing a roaring trade!
    Maybe next years event should be sponsored by Dominos and Pataks!
    Good to hear your toe is relatively ok, and well done for everything you’ve achieved so far – keep it up!

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