Let the arms take the strain

Strangely, thanks to a busy day at work and a night of comedy yesterday, I am writing my second blog entry of the day.  This second installment is for today’s effort – Juneathon Day 9.

Even more strange is the fact that, during the afternoon something has happened to my right big toe and I have no idea what, when or how.  All I can say is that I began to feel my big toe more than I usually do.  I didn’t think any more about it but as the afternoon progressed the feeling turned to discomfort.  So much so that when I came to cross the car park at the end of the day I was walking with a fairly pronounced limp due to the mild pain.  I nervously hurried home so that I could take a proper look – what would I find?  A swollen mess?  A black toe nail?

Just a slightly red left-hand side of the offending toe, that bizarrely didn’t hurt to touch but sent a stab of pain every time I tried to walk on it.

Suddenly Juneathon looked under threat.  I could hardly walk,  let alone run on it.  I’d managed 9 days of running in a row (I ran on the 31 May too!) which is amazing as, until recently, I wouldn’t normally run 9 times in a month!

All was not lost however, as the Juneathon “rules” permit other exercise so, whilst I had secretly hoped to be able to run on every day in June, I took some Nurofen Plus and hit the swimming pool at the gym instead.

Now, I should make this very clear.  I can swim but I am certainly no swimmer.  I still remember securing my second and last swimming badge at secondary school – the coveted 25 metres!  I think it’s my technique – I just seem to swim very inefficiently.  It doesn’t help that my upper body strength is somewhat lacking.  If you want an image, picture the old Mr Muscle adverts – “loves the jobs you hate”.  In that case, can I substitute him in to do my Juneathon Day 9 swimming?  No?  Ok then.

We had planned to head to the gym together tonight so The Wife gallantly changed her plans and joined me in her comfort zone, the pool.  Over time we have noticed that we are polar opposites when it comes to swimming and running.  I can happily get the running shoes on and cover a 10k or more with consummate ease but The Wife has a hard time doing a few minutes on the treadmill.  When it comes to swimming, it’s a different story.  Where as The Wife can slip into her swimming cossie and swim lengths like they are going out of fashion, I’m there out of breath before I’ve even reached the other end of the pool!

It is a relative small pool (only 17m long) and is usually nice and quiet.  Sometimes we have been the only people in it.  Tonight however, it was somewhat busier which made it slightly trickier, as I attempted to politely keep out of everyone else’s way.  I had two benchmarks in my head.  The first was that I wanted to cover at least 10 lengths (a nice round number), the second was that I wanted to do at least 20 minutes of exercise to feel like I wasn’t cheating Juneathon.

With some positive encouragement from The Wife, as she zoomed up and down, I managed to cover 22 lengths in about half an hour.  A grand 374m, which for me is great, and all with virtually no jip from the troublesome toe – the only incident coming where I caught the middle-aged woman next to me with the end of a breaststroke kick.  Oops!

Back at home, and with a good (oven baked) fish and chips inside me, my toe is feeling much better.  Maybe it’s the Nurofen Plus, maybe it was the toe telling me I needed to give it a break but hopefully I can be back on track with running tomorrow.  In the meantime I’ll let the arms take the strain.

Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Let the arms take the strain”

  1. Good work for you and The Wife. You’re obsessed with the metric system aren’t you? Log your running in Miles per hour, not pesky kilometres!!! Hope your toe doesn’t take over your body overnight.

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