Gym before work

Last night’s quiz was more successful than first thought, ending up 3rd out of 7 teams, and winning a bottle of wine to boot!  Despite not consuming said bottle of wine it was difficult to get us this morning for an early visit to the gym.

I was accompanied by The Wife who had decided to go for a swim before enjoying a leisurely breakfast at her Mum’s – the joys of being on a career break!  Earlier this year The Wife (and I) decided to realign the work-life balance and she left her high-flying job as Commercial Director to take some time out to consider what it is she really wants to do now.

Amongst doing her good wifely duties she is also doing volunteer work for a local charity called the African Children’s Fund both in their shop but also behind the scenes, adding a commercially astute spin to their operations.  Thanks to her work you are now able to follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook!

I digress, back to the gym.  I started with a 1km cycle to warm-up before trying out the Mens Running 15 minutes treadmill routine (with another tweak to the speeds to push me a little more).  Much happier that the speed is set to push me, although I wasn’t thinking that at the time of doing the 15th minute!  Rounded up to 3km with just 45 seconds of extra running so jobs a good ‘un.

I’d best get back to work – I’m writing this in a late lunch break, having been hijacked by my very own Commercial Director this morning needing urgent reports for a board paper.  Do all Directors always need things at the last-minute, giving you no time to think about what you’re doing?  The Wife would certainly disagree!


5 thoughts on “Gym before work”

  1. Does your ‘The Wife’ know that you call her “The Wife”?
    I see that she is also clocking some good swimming times. Perhaps she should join in the Juneathon fun!
    And you’re right of course – there is more important things in life than work! Just let us all know when she solves the problem of what we should all be doing with our paltry (poultry?) existences!

    1. I can confirm that “The Wife” not only knows, but condones the anonymity of the mentions she receives. I’ve tried to talk her into joining Juneathon but she’s not having it!

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