Short but sweet

With a pub quiz to attend tonight I had to get home from work sharpish and get out on the roads.  With tired legs from yesterday it was always going to be a quick run tonight so I opted for a swift 3km to try to get some pace in my legs.  Tweaked the course slightly to reduce the twist and turns and came home in a reasonable 14m19s.

Not my quickest but, following my own advice from yesterday, it was my most consistent, with all three kilometres under 5 minutes.

Another positive to focus on is that I have now run for 7 days in a row (I know it’s only day 6 of Juneathon but I ran on the 31 May too) which is something I would never have dreamed of a year or so ago!

Going to have to head off to the pub (woohoo!) but before I go I would like to say thank you for all the positive feedback about yesterday’s blog via your comments and Tweets, especially to Zoe, Rachel and Ian.



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