The nature of running

The Wife and I went up to a friend’s house for a few Friday night drinks and soon there were seven of us playing a game of Monopoly which turned into a marathon!  It’s the first time that I’ve seen sub-prime lending between players nearly bringing the game down.  It was just like watching the recession all over again,just without the quantitive easing!  Getting home at 1am was not ideal preparation for my planned early morning Juneathon run.

It was surprisingly easy to get up when the alarm went, mostly helped by seeing a tweet (my morning routine now involves checking Twitter as step 1 much to The Wife’s disgust!) from Mo Farah announcing his winning of the British and European 10,000m record and beating a strong field too.  How I wish I could have some of his pace!  It wasn’t until I saw him run at the Bupa 10000 that I realised just how fast he runs.

Another tweet caught my eye, this time from a fellow Juneathon runner @knittingpenguin (aka Travelling Hopefully), who was seemingly suffering from a touch of athletus procrastinatus (a chronic illness with many sufferers that luckily can be cured with a quick dose of NCourageMent™).  I’d got some left in the medicine cupboard so was happy to dispense them although, a few tweets later, I was fortunate to self diagnose the early signs of the illness and rapidly got my trainers on!

I wanted an easy run this morning, with one eye on my long run day tomorrow and the other on the creeping paranoia about running every day (given by a spell of shin splints some 8 years ago), so I headed for the local lake at a comfortable pace.

Duck Lake, named after the village of Ducklington it nestles next to, is a wonderful place to run.  The gentle hum of the A40 that provides the backing track soon continues unnoticed thanks to the harmony & melody that is the sights and sounds, respectively.  Today’s jaunt was fairly plain with the normal local inhabitants (ducks, swans, blackbirds, sparrows and the odd person walking a dog) going about their daily business.  It’s a few weeks since I’d been round the lake so it was nice to see the Cogges Farm lambs looking more grown up – was it wrong for me to lick my lips?  There were no surprise visits from the Heron and Deer that I have occasionally had the pleasure of running with but it didn’t matter – the lake and it’s surroundings had helped me get to 3km without even noticing.

It was at the 3km mark that the sights and sounds of Duck Lake gave way to the tantalisingly tempting smells emanating from the Fabulous Bakin’ Boys bakery.  Why do I do it to myself?  I know that I have a ridiculously rampant sweet tooth.  I also know that the Boys have been Bakin’ their Fabulous cakes, muffins and flapjacks for many a year just the other side of the A40 underpass that I have chosen to run through.  I can’t decide if it is fortunate or not that the smell soon disappears and allows my focus to return to running!

My very own Springwatch continued after a quick shower with some gardening – 7 shrubs needed planting into the new border where the great Leylandii once stood and the front hedge was not going to cut itself and let’s not forget the courgette plants that needed to join their vegetable cousins in the patch – and whilst their was no sign of Ratty, the water vole living in the stream at the bottom of the garden, I was under the very watchful eye of Mr & Mrs Blackbird, who were busy collecting worms for their brood nesting in one end of the front hedge (at least it meant I only had to trim half the hedge – I wouldn’t want to disturb the young family!) whilst a Pigeon tried his best to impress his very unimpressed partner.

I’ve written for far too long today and need to get some meat marinating for the BBQ we have planned this afternoon to follow the football.  Come on England!

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “The nature of running”

  1. As I’ve dramatically reduced my pace to cope with the demands of Juneathon every day running, I’ve noticed more of the natural goings on than I did before. I think I might be turning into Bill Oddie!!

  2. Ooooh, that’s a bit weird. After the procrastination, I settled on one of my favourite local routes – ducks, swans, dog walkers etc. No deer, although Ginge did see one ion one of his runs last week. I also have a bakery that makes the village smell of amazing – the vanilla mornings are the best/worst.

    Shorter or more chilled out runs are definitely the way forward when it comes to The Athons, it’s certainly not about the mileage – none of us come anywhere near the crazy people at the top of the chart!

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