Day off but still running

Thanks to our flexible working scheme, I could enjoy a day off today having covered more than my 37.5 hours in the previous 9 working days.  So no excuses when it came to exercising for Day 3 of Juneathon.

Except for having a lay in.

And then going to the garden centre with The Wife to get some plants for the new border at the bottom of the garden, replacing a ridiculously overbearing leylandii.

Or going to our local pub for a late lunch (no alcohol though – I’m an athlete don’t you know!!).

Oh yeah, and then heading down to the corner shop, aka Waitrose, for the Friday Big Shop.

And the sun is still beaming down (the car thermometer said 26°C on the way back from shopping).

But these small suggestions of procrastination weren’t going to get in the way of Juneathon.  I can’t let the surprisingly-motivating bunch of people, who I’ve started to hang around with on the cyberspace street corners of the town called Twitter, down.  Certainly not after just 2 jogs, logs and blogs!

So at half 4 this afternoon, dragging The Wife along (she is always reluctant pre-workout but thankful afterwards), I headed to the gym.

I started with a quick warm up on the bike (to get the legs going and give me a chance to strap into the iPhone – at least that way I can listen to something half decent) before the short walk to the treadmill.  I’ve struggled with treadmill running as I get bored easily and cannot stop myself from continually checking my progress: “How far?  1.1km, cool.  What about now?  1.2km, oh.  Now?  1.3km.  Bored now”.

That was, until I read an article in the June issue of Mens Running (unfortunately not available online yet): it sets out a programme of fifteen 1 minute chunks.  Just right to keep my short attention span occupied.  I’m still tailoring it for my speed levels so I had to run a little longer to get to 3km.  After some stretches I then said “hello” to a distant acquaintance: the rowing machine!

I’d thought I’d go for a quick 10 minutes but after 5 minutes and 1000m my puny little arms were burning from the inside out so it was time to stretch, shower and meet up with The Wife after her swim.

Three days into Juneathon and I’m feeling really good.  Now it’s time to relax with a beer or two, apparently it’s good for – Runners World says so!


4 thoughts on “Day off but still running”

  1. The joys of a nine day fortnight. Although I’d have given in and had something stronger in the pub! Well done for sticking it out on the dreadmill!

  2. Hope your gym was air conditioned today, wow it was a hot one! No gym for me at moment (I’m fairly new in town) so I ran in the full heat of the sun. Yeah hardcore Juneathon!!!

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