Boulder begins to gather pace

I sit here to begin my next blog entry whilst The Wife is out with friends enjoying half price champagne at the Horseshoes and having ticked off day 2 of Juneathon!

A combination of a late finish at work and the apprehension of stepping up to running every day means I have played safe and repeated my swift 3km route from yesterday.  It gives my legs a chance to get used to running so frequently whilst at the same time trying to teach them to go a bit quicker!

As part of my 800km challenge I’d like to raise the bar and beat my 10k PB.  There’s some pride at stake too – I’m running in the Thame 10k later this month along with a whole swathe of my wife’s family, all of whom are or have been much better runners than I, and as I can’t ever switch off my competitive spirit I’d like to hold my own amongst them!  I’ve also got an added fundraising incentive: my MD has offered do double his £50 sponsorship pledge if I manage to beat 45 minutes in an official 10k.  And if I also complete a marathon.

He likes to set stretching targets but a marathon is whole different kettle of fish!

We’ll see what happens.  I am encouraged by improving on yesterday’s time, albeit by just a couple of seconds, but it’s improvement all the same.  The boulder has begun to gather some pace – let’s hope I can cling on to the momentum of Juneathon and tick off some of my goals.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “Boulder begins to gather pace”

  1. So your boss will double it if you do a sub-45? Does that mean that he’ll double his £100 when you do that AND run a marathon? I’d try and get that in the small print if I were you!

    1. Unfortunately not – the doubling was after both qualifications have been met! He has told the rest of the board that they need to get their hands in their pockets and match his generosity so that should bring some more cash in.

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