One Down, 29 To Go!

The Juneathon Logo

Having been to the gym last night I decided it best to start my Juneathon after work.  It wasn’t procrastination, honest!

As I’ve mentioned I’m two months into a fundraising challenge of running 800km this year for Maggies Cancer Centres – a massive step up from my previous years’ mileage totals and on-and-off running habits – so Juneathon has come just at the right time for me.

Month 1 saw a steady 53km covered which was upped, with the help of three 10k runs in Central Park whilst I was on holiday, to 80km covered in month 2.  I’m now looking to take another huge jump, with the help of Juneathon and the encouragement of it’s members.

I’d like to be able to cover at least 3km a day which, on top of my current regime of at least one 5km during the week and a longer 10-13km run at the weekend, could see me top 120km in month 3.

Now that I can comfortably cover my favoured distance of 10k I am looking to improve on my 19 month old PB of 51:47 and hopefully my 3km Juneathon bursts will help put some pace in my legs.

Tonight’s first run has given me some encouragement with the annoyingly-anonymous rap guy on Nike+  (should I know who he is? Lance and Paula both introduce themselves when I don’t need them to but I’m told to “drop it like it’s hot” by this very encouraging stranger!) telling me I’ve just run my fastest mile this year.  And on closer inspection of the data (something I have a unhealthy liking for) I also spot I’ve edged a few seconds off my fastest kilometre too.

In summary, I’m feeling good, I’m feeling motivated, I’m feeling excited.  Long may it continue!

Oh, and as this is only my third blog post, all constructive criticism is welcome.  Thanks for reading my ramblings.


3 thoughts on “One Down, 29 To Go!”

  1. Sounds like a brilliant way to raise money and master your running do you have a fund raising website? Lokk forwrd to reading your blogs as you continue on your pursuit of the golden 800k mark. Very best of luck.Oh and i have no idea of who the rap guy is either……

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